No More Email Spoofing
No More Spear Phishing

The persistent risks to corporate emails are spear phishing and email spoofing.
Monitor, identify and mitigate them with DMARC SONAR.

Check your DMARC


Protect your brand reputation

Stop imposters from sending emails impersonating your brand, trying to extract financial information, passwords and other sensitive data.

Strengthen your customer trust

By ensuring that your emails are protected, customers can 100% rely on emails received from your domain and thus build trust.


Emails are 100% protected, all kinds of transactions can be carried out over your email channel. Ensure the deliverability of legitimate emails.

Know your email flow

Continously monitor and analyse where the email threats originate from, and mitigate them. Ensure the authenticity of emails and block the fraud emails.

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DMARC allows you to stop fraud by isolating and rejecting illegitimate email directed at your organisation or customers. DMARC makes email easy to identify, and process with email delivery assured. DMARC records instruct receivers to report, reject and quarantine unauthorized use of your email domains.

What you get?

Client Portal

Use the client portal to set up your DMARC. Use our unique dashboard to get detailed information of your emails like the authorised emails deliverd, the unauthorised emails rejected, origin IP, country, email provider etc

SPF & DMARC generation

Use our step by step self explanatory wizards to generate SPF and DMARC records

Analysis & Reports

We provide you with insightful analyses and an easy to use interface to you create reports for your organization.

Email Signature Validation

We verify the DKIM of all your emails which provides the mechanism for validating the domain name identity associated with your emails through cryptographic authentication

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notifications Setup SMS and email alert notifications for incident notifications and receive notifications in real time.

24x7 Support

Our 24x7 support gives you round-the-clock access to advanced support engineers who can help with your most pressing issues, including problem diagnosis and remediation



  • DMARC allows a sender or domain owner to: Signal that they are using email authentication (SPF, DKIM)
  • Provide an email address to gather feedback about messages using their domain – legitimate or not
  • A policy to apply to messages that fail authentication. Collect statistics about messages using their domain from DMARC receivers
  • See how much of this traffic is passing/failing email authentication checks
  • Request that messages using their domain that fail authentication be quarantined or rejected
  • Receive data extracted from failed messages such as header information and URIs from the message body, if the receiver provides this service


  • Be certain a given sending domain is using email authentication
  • Consistently evaluate SPF and DKIM along with what the end user sees in their inbox
  • Determine the domain owner’s preference (report, quarantine or reject) for messages that do not pass authentication checks
  • Provide the domain owner with feedback about messages using their domain

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